Mount Taranaki: Climber endure2s 600m fall with minor wounds

A climber in New Zealand "marvelously" endure a fall of 600m (1,968ft) with

just minor wounds in the wake of tumbling down the side of a mountain.

Police said the man tumbled from Mount Taranaki on the North Island and

was saved by spring climate which mellowed the ice and implied he arrived in snow.

The police said the climber is "uncommonly fortunate to be alive".

The distance he fell approaches the Makkah Clock Imperial Pinnacle in Saudi Arabia,

one of the world's tallest structures.

It is likewise almost two times the level of the Shard in London which extends 309m very high.

he climber was essential for a gathering scaling Mount Taranaki 

when he tumbled from the culmination about late morning

neighbourhood time (12 PM GMT) on Saturday, 9 September.